About Uncle Mike's

Our Story

Marinated overnight. Slow cooked. It takes time to make a jerky this good. But we’re good at slow-- our meat snacks kitchen is located in rural Holmes County, OH, home to the world’s largest Amish community and a place where many people still travel with horse and buggy. We’re good at slowing down. We take time to appreciate our surroundings and enjoy our families. And that’s how we want you to enjoy our jerky. Eat slowly, be mindful of each bite, and appreciate the savory taste of Uncle Mike’s.

In Amish Country we’re meticulous when it comes to quality in our products. We use real, lean meat and spices to create that satisfying taste. Enjoy the zest and the nutrition.

Try other flavors of Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky. Chances are you’ll discover a new favorite!    

An Inside Look

Curious how we make and package our line of delicious meat snacks? Here are some videos that highlight the packaging part of our operation.